Monday, March 1, 2010

The Strength of PROTON: A Few Years Ago Review...

Proton has received a lots of award concerning about their product and organization. This awards bringing the synergy on the corporate and product image. Among the awards are :
            Reader’s Digest Trusted Brand 2006 – Gold Award for Car Category.
            Reader’s Digest Super Brand 2005 – Gold Award for Car Category.
Merdeka Millennium Endurance Race 2005 – 1st place Overall and Class ‘O’ Winner.
Malaysian Rally Championship 2005 – Overall class Winner P10 Category.
Malaysia Best Brand Award.
National Creativity & Innovation Award 2004.
*Proton WAJA – 4.5 stars out of 5 star rating for being the Most Economical and Greenest Sedan in Australia.

As a Government Linked Company, Proton is secured in term of financial capabilities. More over, as the 1st national automotive manufacturer they have more that 20 years of experience and backed by the more than 1000 vendors and intensive distributed the service and distribution outlet. As financial year ender 31st March 2006 indicated, the net value of asset is more than RM 5 billion while the liabilities is only about RM 2 billion.

PROTON’s ultra-modern manufacturing and assembly plant in Tanjung Malim has an annual installed capacity of 150,000 units and is capable of producing three different platforms and multiple variants. The plant currently produces the Gen.2 and Savvy models – two new platforms and products from the PROTON stable. The plant complex consists of engine, stamping, body assembly, painting and final assembly facilities, inclusive of end-of-line vehicle testing equipment that is fully integrated into PROTON’s Automated-Assembly Line Controller (PALC) application. While the Tanjung Malim Plant has the potential of assembling up to one million vehicles, to date, only 240 acres of the total 1,280 acres have been developed. A community of suppliers has developed in the vicinity of the plant complex ensuring effective and efficient logistics network. To date, more than 10 major modules and system suppliers are operating in the PROTON City Vendor Park.

PROTON had embarked on a project with the Lotus Group to develop a hybrid vehicle capable of running on either electricity or gasoline and others special projects that are focusing on technology development. This program aims to elevate the technology to a level that is on par with their global competitors by creating an alternative vehicle for the future which provides customers with better fuel economy, reduced emissions and uncompromising performance

The increase number of actual order by the various overseas markets were far in excess of the number shipped, the difference was due to constraints in the supply chain. There is no doubt that demand for PROTON cars in the overseas markets exists. As such, looking forward into FY2007, the company anticipate a significant improvement in the number of PROTON cars sold overseas.

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